Tip & Tricks

  • Master the Safety Loop hold
    • The best Safety Loop grip is one where your thumb and index finger firmly push your ring up against the inside of the loop, causing your ring to stand upright, exposed, and in place for brushing all angles. Use the thumb imprint as a guide and hold the cap in your hand as if you were holding a magnifying glass. Now push upwards on your ring until it pops up. Voilà!

  • Quick clean or diamond rehab? 
    • A typical diamond solitaire should take about 10- 20 seconds for juli to clean. But if your jewelry is more complex or in need of some major TLC, take some extra time scrubbing and repeat the cleaning steps as needed until your stones are spotless. After that, regular 10-20 second touch- ups will keep them sparkling.

  • Precision cleaning
    • Finally, the answer to the problem of cleaning diamonds set alongside soft minerals like pearls and opals, which are not suitable for scrubbing. Dip your wet Ice Pick in a bit of The Tonic and, with the power on low, precisely tap the surface of your diamonds while avoiding contact with their super- sensitive neighbors.

  • Lay off the metal
    • Precious metals are soft and can become dull and worn over time. Scrubbing them with your juli will not remove scratches or make them shiny and new—that’s a job for a professional jeweler. Remember, juli is meant to work her magic on diamonds, so concentrate your scrubbing there. And give your metal a rest.